the winds of change . . .

Well I’m toying with moving the blog, and having a bit of a rethink of what I can possibly achieve in 52 weeks – university coursework is proving to be more time consuming than I anticipated and that has to take priority as I’m only 8 months from graduation.

I think the time needed to consume 52 books is just going to be a non starter, so I’m going to switch the blog up a bit to include any type of story  – regardless of the media.  This will allow me to use films as well which will be much easier to consume.


Once I’ve got it sorted, I’ll export all this to the new location


No updates for a while . . .

I started this blog and clearly haven’t updated it in a looooooong time.  I’ve been toying with just binning it but I think I need somewhere to vent/data dump crap that’s going on again.

2015 was a bit of a non starter as far as skating was concerned which on reflection has pissed me off no end.  This is something that I’m going to be attempting to rectify this year (so far that has not happened, but it’s been wet most of the year so far).  I need to just go a couple of times to get my shit together and get comfortable on the board again, even if it’s just cruising around or a carpark session.  Deffo need to up my skate game that’s for sure.

I bought far too much stuff in 2015 – and this year I’m going to make an effort to change my ways.  I did have a bit of a splurge at the end of 2015, but these were all things that I would need this year at some point (apart from the sneakers, clothes, and misc stuff haha).  I’m also going to try to thin out my stuff – as I’ve far too much of everything and I think decluttering my stuff may go someway to helping to the same with my mind.

Work has actually been really good recently – I’ve started a new project that I’m really enjoying, even if it does take me away from the family for a few days a week.  Just need to make sure I dont lose sight of the day to day job I’m still supposed to be doing . . .

Health in 2015 wasn’t great – I made a good start to getting fit in the hope I’d get a marathon place in London 2016, but that didn’t happen so I just stopped running.  That’s not something that I’m too proud of and thinking back this was the start of the downward slope weight wise.  I’m still not what I’d call fat – but I’ve put on some weight and I’m not happy about it.  2016 is going to be different though . . . .

University is chugging along – I’ve just started the 3rd year of the degree so need to up my game to stay on course for coming out with the best possible grade I can.  Still undecided as to how life is going to work if I do become a teacher full time, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I’m still finding time to play video games and all the other web/tech stuff that I fill my spare time with.  Annoyingly I can no longer beat my kid at Fifa unless I get lucky, and I’ve even resorted to sneaky tactics where I can in the hope of keeping the scores close.  This is a major milestone – and one I’m not happy with to be honest.  I’ve got a second xbox one that I take when I’m working away, and I think I need to put some hours in to make sure he doesn’t now keep pulling away from me.    I’ve stopped playing all online MMO’s etc, and apart from a few months playing Elite Dangerous (which was very enjoyable) I’ve not played anything that’s really been a time sink (thank god).  I’ve got into Fallout 4 but not so much that I can’t go a few weeks without picking it up.


Anyway – I think that’s the blog up to speed – I’m going to update more frequently (and yes I’m aware that I’ve said that here a few times before) in the hope of organising my head/work/health etc.


Update as 2012 draws to a close

So with 2012 drawing to a close it’s time for reflection……..

Skate goals were mainly missed, first 3/4 of the year as a result of lack of time on the board and general lack of balls to try anything new. I think this was a result of having my arm break in the back of my mind but that is hopefully slowly but surely going. The last 3.5 months of the year have been a bit shite due to having my back properly diagnosed and Anklylosing Spondilitus being the cause of the pain and stiffness. Having been on some hefty NSAID’s and prescribed a lot of physio and exercise, skating is going to be a medicinal hobby as much as a fun one for this upcoming year.

The combo of needing to get fitter/more flexible for my back problems and the fact that I want my skating to progress a lot more this year should hopefully mean in 12 months time I’m reporting back that I’ve smashed this years goals 😉

I’m finishing the year 1 stone lighter than I started, and had it not been for the back issue preventing me from exercising and comfort eating a bit it would’ve been 1.5 stone. This year I’m planning on dropping around another stone, to be at or under 12 stone.

Skating goals for 2013 are simular to those for 2012

Ollies on transition
Frontside grinds
Blunts of some sort
Fakie rocks (as they continue to freak me out for some fucking reason)
Comfortable bombing around the streets ollieing up/over stuff and manuals
Heel/Kick flips on lock (either or)
Switch carves and kickturns/pivots
Nose/Tail stall reverts

I need to stop buying more boards/shoes/clothes that are not needed. Once I get a new pair of skate shoes (as I’ve had bastard heel bruises the last few times I’ve been skating) it’s going to be no purchases unless I’ve sold something of a simular type before hand (I will be lenient if there’s the odd fucking too good to miss bargain, but will then have a big effort to get rid of stuff afterwards). To be honest it’s not the money that’s the issue really, just that I’ve got too much fucking stuff and have no need for more. I’ll certainly be letting stuff go for silly money I expect but that’s the price you pay I s’pose 🙂

University wise I’m going to knuckle down and get on top of the masses of work we seem to have, and not just do the bare minimum.

Work wise it’s a massive reduction of pointless surfing so that I can get all the tasks I have done to enable me to get at the very least some uni work done during lunchtimes

All in all it’s a pretty massive list, but I’m hopeful that they’re mainly do-able. The work/uni ones are a necessity in order for me to continue on the path to becoming a teacher, and the skate ones will help me health wise so that should be all the incentive I need.