201611 – For The Win

Another one in the bag – well to be honest this one was finished a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t got around to posting.

I do like Corey Doctorow (in fact I’m reading another one now that I’m almost done with) and his visions of the near future are almost always believable.  This book was a bit heavy on the economics, but after being initially turned off about them, I did find myself being more and more interested in how the markets worked.

All in all a good read – and while not as strong as some of his other works (Little Brother was a particularly fun read), if you can cope with the economics and have played MMORPGs you will most certainly enjoy it.




201606 – Influx – Daniel Suarez



Firstly I’m not sure this is the book to be calling Suarez a legitimate heir to Crichton, but that’s by the by.

I did enjoy the book – and while not as much as Daemon or Freedom (but more than the drone related one that I can’t be arsed to google) it was still a very enjoyable read.  I loved the premise, that a shady off hte books govt agency has harvested all the new tech for the last 50 years and is keeping it from everyone to maintain the status quo.

Would I recommend reading it?  Well yeah, I guess so if you like this sort of thing, and you’re wiling to let a few of the plot holes pass you by

201605 – Them: Adventures with Extremists


It’s been a while since I finished the last book, mainly due to University stuff and assignments that needed writing and submitting.

Back in the game now though, and have got two other books over half way through which I should have finished in the next week or two.

Back to this one, I have read a couple of other Jon Ronson books and this is in his familiar style.  While not quite up to the Psychopath Test – it’s a very interesting read.  I read this one on my new (to me) kindle paperwhite and was very impressed with how unintrusive the backlight was.  I’d read plenty on a version 1 kindle so was interested to see how I found the paperwhite.

I’m going to hunt out the rest of Jons writing, as I find him very entertaining and an engaging human.  I’ve listened to him on a few podcasts which are worth checking out (Adam Buxton, Nerdist, Distraction Pieces, Joe Rogan, Mark Maron etc) as well as the ‘As yet untitled’ episode he was in.


There’s just something very soothing about listening to him tell stories, and as he reads (most of) his own audio books I’m going to try to listen to one of those as well.