201608 – Letter 44 (vol 1)

I dipped back into graphic novels for book 8 – with the first volume of ‘Letter 44’.

The new president is sworn in and receives a letter from the exiting PotUS telling him about a space related threat, and a science/military mission that was set in motion 3 years ago to go up and see what was going on.

A great premise, and an enjoyable read.  Definitely going to hunt out the subsequent volumes to see what happens.  I’m more interested in what happens to the mission than what happens back on Earth (so far the usual USA, USA, USA, posturing but I guess that’s to be expected).



201601 – Star Wars Shattered Empire

So book one is in the bag – well I say book,  it was a trade paperback of Star Wars graphic novels filling in the timeline between RoJ and TFA.

It was an enjoyable read while away on a short break with the family over the New Year, and Star Wars fiction is going to be a recurring feature of the first few books that I get through as I want to flesh out the backstory of the run up to The Force Awakens.  I loved some of the Expanded Universe fiction but now that’s mainly been left for dead I need to get to grips with the new cannon.  I don’t know if I will be going through them in order, that all depends on how easily I can get my hands on them (or get them out of my families hands)