201610 – Zero Minus Ten

The second Bond book I read on hols was Zero Minus Ten – in which bond had to stop a plot to send China/UK to war at the handover of Hong Kong.  

While there are bits where the book hasn’t aged well, on the whole it was another easy read (as are most Bond books).  I didn’t really care for the main villain, but the interactions between Bond and the Triad leader was good and probably the best bits of the book.


201609- For Special Services

Getting a bit behind with this whole year of books thing – but going to keep trying to catch up somehow.

Had a week in Portugal and managed to read two books in a week – took my kindle with me and realised I’d only got all the James Bond books on it (had to wipe and reset it a month or two ago and never got round to re syncing it with calibre) so picked two at random that I hadn’t previously read.  I love the Flemming bond books and read them all in order a few years ago and have to say that while the newer ones can’t really hold a candle to the originals a few of them are actually pretty faithful to Flemmings Bond.
For Special Services was a pretty good read, perfect for a holiday book as its formulaic nature means you can just plough through it and let it carry you away.  Blofeld is back (kinda) and I have to say I didn’t see the twist coming which surprised me.  It was an enjoyable read, however the Villian pet/animal killing scenario that is set up at the start never really comes back in the way I’d have liked it to. However that (and it’s by the numbers approach) didn’t stop me finishing it in a day or two.