201606 – Influx – Daniel Suarez



Firstly I’m not sure this is the book to be calling Suarez a legitimate heir to Crichton, but that’s by the by.

I did enjoy the book – and while not as much as Daemon or Freedom (but more than the drone related one that I can’t be arsed to google) it was still a very enjoyable read.  I loved the premise, that a shady off hte books govt agency has harvested all the new tech for the last 50 years and is keeping it from everyone to maintain the status quo.

Would I recommend reading it?  Well yeah, I guess so if you like this sort of thing, and you’re wiling to let a few of the plot holes pass you by


201605 – Them: Adventures with Extremists


It’s been a while since I finished the last book, mainly due to University stuff and assignments that needed writing and submitting.

Back in the game now though, and have got two other books over half way through which I should have finished in the next week or two.

Back to this one, I have read a couple of other Jon Ronson books and this is in his familiar style.  While not quite up to the Psychopath Test – it’s a very interesting read.  I read this one on my new (to me) kindle paperwhite and was very impressed with how unintrusive the backlight was.  I’d read plenty on a version 1 kindle so was interested to see how I found the paperwhite.

I’m going to hunt out the rest of Jons writing, as I find him very entertaining and an engaging human.  I’ve listened to him on a few podcasts which are worth checking out (Adam Buxton, Nerdist, Distraction Pieces, Joe Rogan, Mark Maron etc) as well as the ‘As yet untitled’ episode he was in.


There’s just something very soothing about listening to him tell stories, and as he reads (most of) his own audio books I’m going to try to listen to one of those as well.




201604 – The Weapon of a Jedi

Well it was another Star Wars audio book again this week – mainly due to how many hours I’ve been travelling and that I’ve got quite a lot of uni work on the go at the moment.

Have to say that while the quality of the recording and voice/sfx work was up to the standard of the last two – the actual story left me feeling a little flat.  Probably because Luke has never resonated with me, and I find 3P0 almost on JarJar levels of annoyingness.

I didn’t mind as much the idea that the story was getting across, just that Luke is pretty unlikeable and had it been any other young Jedi in the story I would have almost certainly enjoyed it more.

Still – these are quick to blast through, probably averaging around the 3 – 4 hour mark at most which means I can get through them in a couple of commutes out to the client site where I’m working at the moment.


No updates for a while . . .

I started this blog and clearly haven’t updated it in a looooooong time.  I’ve been toying with just binning it but I think I need somewhere to vent/data dump crap that’s going on again.

2015 was a bit of a non starter as far as skating was concerned which on reflection has pissed me off no end.  This is something that I’m going to be attempting to rectify this year (so far that has not happened, but it’s been wet most of the year so far).  I need to just go a couple of times to get my shit together and get comfortable on the board again, even if it’s just cruising around or a carpark session.  Deffo need to up my skate game that’s for sure.

I bought far too much stuff in 2015 – and this year I’m going to make an effort to change my ways.  I did have a bit of a splurge at the end of 2015, but these were all things that I would need this year at some point (apart from the sneakers, clothes, and misc stuff haha).  I’m also going to try to thin out my stuff – as I’ve far too much of everything and I think decluttering my stuff may go someway to helping to the same with my mind.

Work has actually been really good recently – I’ve started a new project that I’m really enjoying, even if it does take me away from the family for a few days a week.  Just need to make sure I dont lose sight of the day to day job I’m still supposed to be doing . . .

Health in 2015 wasn’t great – I made a good start to getting fit in the hope I’d get a marathon place in London 2016, but that didn’t happen so I just stopped running.  That’s not something that I’m too proud of and thinking back this was the start of the downward slope weight wise.  I’m still not what I’d call fat – but I’ve put on some weight and I’m not happy about it.  2016 is going to be different though . . . .

University is chugging along – I’ve just started the 3rd year of the degree so need to up my game to stay on course for coming out with the best possible grade I can.  Still undecided as to how life is going to work if I do become a teacher full time, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I’m still finding time to play video games and all the other web/tech stuff that I fill my spare time with.  Annoyingly I can no longer beat my kid at Fifa unless I get lucky, and I’ve even resorted to sneaky tactics where I can in the hope of keeping the scores close.  This is a major milestone – and one I’m not happy with to be honest.  I’ve got a second xbox one that I take when I’m working away, and I think I need to put some hours in to make sure he doesn’t now keep pulling away from me.    I’ve stopped playing all online MMO’s etc, and apart from a few months playing Elite Dangerous (which was very enjoyable) I’ve not played anything that’s really been a time sink (thank god).  I’ve got into Fallout 4 but not so much that I can’t go a few weeks without picking it up.


Anyway – I think that’s the blog up to speed – I’m going to update more frequently (and yes I’m aware that I’ve said that here a few times before) in the hope of organising my head/work/health etc.


201603 – Smugglers Run


Kept with the Star Wars AudioBook theme and listened to this little beauty.  Han & Chewie on a mission to pick up a rebel spy – what’s not to love?

The quality of the last two Star Wars audiobooks have been great, fantastic voice work and audio effects make them a real joy to listen to.   I’ve got another two to get through, but may go back to a proper book for the next thing I read.


201602 – The Perfect Weapon

Book 2 is in the bag – The Perfect Weapon


You first meet Bazine Netal in the castle/cantina of Maz Kanata snuggling up to some big alien, and she’s the one who alerts the First Order to the whereabouts of BB8 and the rest of the gang.  You could tell she is a bad ass just from the few seconds of screen time she gets (juxtaposed against the battered rebel spy who informs the rebellion) and I was intrigued to learn more.

The audio book is well read, and very easy to listen to.  It captures the feel of Star Wars and if this is a measure of the quality of the fiction Disney are going to be putting out then I think it’s in safe hands.

There’s definitely scope for her to have more adventures, as now I know how skilled she is, I can’t imagine she perished during the battle.

201601 – Star Wars Shattered Empire

So book one is in the bag – well I say book,  it was a trade paperback of Star Wars graphic novels filling in the timeline between RoJ and TFA.

It was an enjoyable read while away on a short break with the family over the New Year, and Star Wars fiction is going to be a recurring feature of the first few books that I get through as I want to flesh out the backstory of the run up to The Force Awakens.  I loved some of the Expanded Universe fiction but now that’s mainly been left for dead I need to get to grips with the new cannon.  I don’t know if I will be going through them in order, that all depends on how easily I can get my hands on them (or get them out of my families hands)