Back on the bike

Managed to get out on the bike last night for an hour and a half, and checked out some new trails that I’ve had my eye on for a while.  I haven’t hooked up my bike computer yet so I’ve no idea how far I actually biked, but I was knackered at the end which is a good sign.

The weather was amazing, and it was a joy to be outside on the bike. Continue reading “Back on the bike”


I miss my bike

Well I’ve been off the bike all week while on holiday, and return home at some point tomorrow.  Not sure if this is going to be early enough to get out on my bike at all, but I’ll have to see how it goes.

I’ve been thinking about my fitness and biking a bit while away from the house/bike, and there’s a few things that I want to buy in the coming month(s) before the race.  I’ll go into them in more detail when I get home and have proper internet access, as it’ll give me something else to post about 🙂

I’m also faffing about with the theme of the the blog, and will likely change it very regularly over the next couple of weeks

First shakedown ride on new bike

Took the super4 out for its first shakedown ride this evening.  Had about an hour of riding along some local bridleways and singletrack and was grinning from ear to ear for almost the entire ride (there’s a climb that I hate at the start of the ride which I ended up walking up 75% of).

I’ve attached a few pics that I took when I stopped at various places to faff with the seat/bars etc


All in all a great ride, and I can’t wait to get out again now I’m happy with the setup

Going to pop on the computer before the next ride, and try to work out a nice loop of Capstone Park, which while not being the most technical of places to ride, is only 10 mins away from my front door.

New Bike's arrived

Well this lunchtime I popped to the local parcelfarce office to pickup the new bike. I have to say it was the largest parcel in the world!! That said, it did mean that all I had to do was to straighten the bars. Well that would’ve been all I had to do, if I didn’t want to change the bars straight away for some carbon ones I blagged form bikehut (they were a bargain @ £15 so I couldn’t care about the stigma about Halfrauds gear, carbon’s carbon and if they turn out to be shite i’ve not lost a lot). Continue reading “New Bike's arrived”

First Post – a bit of a placeholder

Who am I ?

My Names Dan – I’m 33 (almost 34).  I’m married, with 2 little boys.

Why another blog ?

I’m hoping that this one will actually be one that I bother to update (since the creation of this blog I’ve started 3 others which I haven’t bothered with after a couple of post, so have consolidated them all into one).  This blog isn’t really going to focus on anything (as the other blogs tried to and failed dismally after a month or so) but will just be my corner of the blogosphere to put shit down on paper.  Er, you know what I mean, put shit down in pixels.

Why Noileum?

Basically because I have no ileum 🙂  I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2002, and after a couple of months of the Dr’s telling me it was IBS, I finally got to see a specialist and was having surgery to remove 3 ft of my large\small intestines within 2 weeks!  As a result I no longer have an ileum hence no-ileum.

What do I like to do?

I like pretty much anything that is tech\geek related, espectially if it’s to do with gadgets, video games etc.  Although since getting married and having two kids the ability to actually buy all the gadgets I want has drastically reduced, the fantastic women I married understands my gadget needs, and will occaisionally (as with the iPhone 3gs) let me indulge myself.  I also like Mountain Biking, Skateboarding (more watching than doing at the moment, at least until Dyl’s a bit older), watching Extreme Sports on the TV.  I have a soft spot for Wrestling as well, as I loved it when I was a lot younger (around 13 or 14) and for some reason if I catch it while channel surfing I seem to be compelled to watch 30 mins or so of it.  I have a passion for Video Games (XBOX 360 is the current weapon of choice), and while I dont spend anywhere near as much time playing them as I used to (ex WoW addict before kids came along, and haven’t ruled out another mmo\going back at some point), they still get a good portion of my time (when the kids are in bed).