201611 – For The Win

Another one in the bag – well to be honest this one was finished a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t got around to posting.

I do like Corey Doctorow (in fact I’m reading another one now that I’m almost done with) and his visions of the near future are almost always believable.  This book was a bit heavy on the economics, but after being initially turned off about them, I did find myself being more and more interested in how the markets worked.

All in all a good read – and while not as strong as some of his other works (Little Brother was a particularly fun read), if you can cope with the economics and have played MMORPGs you will most certainly enjoy it.




201608 – Letter 44 (vol 1)

I dipped back into graphic novels for book 8 – with the first volume of ‘Letter 44’.

The new president is sworn in and receives a letter from the exiting PotUS telling him about a space related threat, and a science/military mission that was set in motion 3 years ago to go up and see what was going on.

A great premise, and an enjoyable read.  Definitely going to hunt out the subsequent volumes to see what happens.  I’m more interested in what happens to the mission than what happens back on Earth (so far the usual USA, USA, USA, posturing but I guess that’s to be expected).


201607 – High Rise


Thought I’d get round to reading this before the film was released.  An enjoyable read, however I did lose the sense of time towards the end of the book.  I had no real feeling of how time was passing, or why the situation was never actually looked into by the authorities.

Still – I enjoyed reading it, and considering it’s as old as I am (40) it’s an interesting look into how the 70’s saw the future possibly turning out.

Gonna go back to the future for the next read I reckon.  Got some catching up to do so will smash a couple of shorter books out in the next couple of weeks to get myself back on track.  Might even see what graphic novels are in the local library to have a read of.


201606 – Influx – Daniel Suarez



Firstly I’m not sure this is the book to be calling Suarez a legitimate heir to Crichton, but that’s by the by.

I did enjoy the book – and while not as much as Daemon or Freedom (but more than the drone related one that I can’t be arsed to google) it was still a very enjoyable read.  I loved the premise, that a shady off hte books govt agency has harvested all the new tech for the last 50 years and is keeping it from everyone to maintain the status quo.

Would I recommend reading it?  Well yeah, I guess so if you like this sort of thing, and you’re wiling to let a few of the plot holes pass you by

201604 – The Weapon of a Jedi

Well it was another Star Wars audio book again this week – mainly due to how many hours I’ve been travelling and that I’ve got quite a lot of uni work on the go at the moment.

Have to say that while the quality of the recording and voice/sfx work was up to the standard of the last two – the actual story left me feeling a little flat.  Probably because Luke has never resonated with me, and I find 3P0 almost on JarJar levels of annoyingness.

I didn’t mind as much the idea that the story was getting across, just that Luke is pretty unlikeable and had it been any other young Jedi in the story I would have almost certainly enjoyed it more.

Still – these are quick to blast through, probably averaging around the 3 – 4 hour mark at most which means I can get through them in a couple of commutes out to the client site where I’m working at the moment.


201603 – Smugglers Run


Kept with the Star Wars AudioBook theme and listened to this little beauty.  Han & Chewie on a mission to pick up a rebel spy – what’s not to love?

The quality of the last two Star Wars audiobooks have been great, fantastic voice work and audio effects make them a real joy to listen to.   I’ve got another two to get through, but may go back to a proper book for the next thing I read.


201602 – The Perfect Weapon

Book 2 is in the bag – The Perfect Weapon


You first meet Bazine Netal in the castle/cantina of Maz Kanata snuggling up to some big alien, and she’s the one who alerts the First Order to the whereabouts of BB8 and the rest of the gang.  You could tell she is a bad ass just from the few seconds of screen time she gets (juxtaposed against the battered rebel spy who informs the rebellion) and I was intrigued to learn more.

The audio book is well read, and very easy to listen to.  It captures the feel of Star Wars and if this is a measure of the quality of the fiction Disney are going to be putting out then I think it’s in safe hands.

There’s definitely scope for her to have more adventures, as now I know how skilled she is, I can’t imagine she perished during the battle.