Well this page is about me.

I’m a 35 year old guy, married with two kids (son #1 is 4 and son #2 is 2 months).  I have crohn’s disease and in 2002 I had part of my large and small intestine removed as a result.  In December 2008 I had another small operation, and this time I’m determined to get fitter than I was before the operation(s), and while I’m not a porker, I could do with losing an inch or two from around the waist.   Son #1 is getting more and more active now, and I know that getting fit will make my life easier when it comes to keeping up with him (and son #2 as he’s now mobile).

I work in I.T. which means that I’m not exactly active during the day, however I do walk to and from the train station (about a mile or so) each day which is something I suppose.

I love videogames, and while I don’t get the change to play them as much I used to before getting married & having kids I still like to try to squeeze in a few hours gaming a week.   Also being a bit of a geek at heart I love new tech and gadgets, which will probably become evident from the content of this blog.
From a outdoor activity perspective, I like to go out on my mountain bike when I can, and I’m also going to start skateboarding again (well I will once the new concrete skatepark opens in my home town !).


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