No progress

Well zero progress on the Uni front. Still unable to log on and create my account, and work was a bit hectic after the weekend so had no chance to do any of the pre course work

In other news I’m off to Portugal for a week with work in Oct which will be nice, if a little hectic. I’m there to help set up/test the IT for a couple of days and then I’m a cameraman for the remainder of the week which is a new skill I can hopefully learn and add to my resume ;-). The cameraman part involves standing manning a camera for about 14 hours a day but other than that it should be fun?

Back/Neck is still causing me grief, but I’ve got some exercises from my work healthcare physio centre. I’m happy to give these a go for a week and then have some proper physio/massage etc of there’s no improvement. I agreed with their appraisal of the situation (phone triage) in that I must’ve tweaked it while on hols and the 10 hour flight home (and sitting on my arse commuting/working 10 – 12 hours a day since returning) has compounded the problem(s).

Fingers crossed it will start to improve over the coming days/week.


Author: noileum

40 year young geek. Juggling being a dad/husband, trying to get out on my skateboard as much as possible, have as much fun as I can and generally be a 'good person' Thinking of a career change, to something with a bit more of a reward

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