Hello 2012


So it’s been a while since the last post on here (nearly 6 months) and it’s time to try to start posting again with some regularity……..

The broken arm is now healed and although I’m wearing an arm brace when I skate I think it’s holding up well.  I’ll give it until April in the arm brace, and then I’ll probably switch to just wearing an elbow pad on that arm.  It will have had a year since the break to heal then and reckon that should be long enough.  I’ve had a couple of slams since getting back on the board and it’s not given me any trouble (touch wood).

Skating wise I only started again in late September so I had about 6 months in total without skating.  I reckon I’m now back at the level I was before I broke my arm and hopefully now I can get progressing into 2012 with some new skills.

Skate plans for the year are get the following tricks

  • Disasters
  • Ollies on transition
  • Sweepers & Boneless Ones
  • Blunts
  • Proper 50-50’s around the corners of bowls
  • Decent length boardslides

I’m also going to try to skate at least a couple of times a week, once in a park and once just cruising on the streets to get more comfortable with my ollies etc.  The one thing I’ve found with skating mainly in parks the last year is that my general skating ability for just bombing around ollieing up curbs and over stuff is shocking.  While I can comfortably clear a board height in a park, if I’m rolling up to something that high in the street it freaks me right out.

As for recent skate related purchases since the last post, there’s been a shit load but most haven’t actually been worn/used.  The highlights are

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m loving the TNT V’s, having been skating in Blazers for over a year these feel very simular in the boardfeel/cushioning department and so far are a comfy as fuck.  I’ve been skating the Big Mess for a a few months now and am loving it.  The Welcome Basilisk is going to be set up as my street/cruiser which will be taken to work for a skate on the way home (at least that’s the plan for when it’s not pissing down).  It’ll be set up with Indy’s and Bones DTF wheels (to cope with the varied\shitty pavement & road surfaces around here.
OTHER 2012 PLANS . . 

Along with the increased skating, I’m going to hopefully supplement this with a general shake up of my health\fitness situation.  I’ve kinda been pretty lazy for 3/4’s of 2011.  After breaking my arm I really let everything go from a health point of view and as a result have piled on almost a stone, and lost a fair amount of leg strength and flexibility (and I didn’t have an abundance of either to lose to be honest).  So it’s time to start eating healthier, and getting into some kind of shape (that’s not as pudgy).   I’m back on the 200 Squats & 100 Push Ups programme, and with a bit of luck I’ll be cycling a bunch more as well.  I’m also toying with doing a bit of running as well, mainly during work lunch hours but I’m not convinced on that as I fucking hate running with a passion.


Author: noileum

40 year young geek. Juggling being a dad/husband, trying to get out on my skateboard as much as possible, have as much fun as I can and generally be a 'good person' Thinking of a career change, to something with a bit more of a reward

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