Fuck me – what a busy 6 weeks (ish)

Well the last 6 weeks have been proper mental, both at home and at work.   I’ve two major work projects coming to a close, and my son broke his arm and had to have an op to wire the bones together.

 Big Splat Arm Hurt Big Splat Arm Hurt - Wires

Thankfully that episode is behind us, he’s now out of the cast and pretty much back to normal (with a cracking scar on his elbow).

In the last 6 weeks I have purchased the following boards


I’ve only skated this deck a couple of times, and @ 8.75 x 31.75 it felt very small.  I guess that’s to be expected as the Shut I’ve been riding is 9.5 x 33 inches long.


black label matt hensley 9.75 55squid

Fucking love this board.  I’ve started to use it over my Zip Zinger for general cruising about.  I’ve skated it in a couple of skateparks and while it’s a bit short for large bowls, for messing about on the street course it was a load of fun.  Plus I always wanted a H-Street Hensley back in the day, so I’m well happy to finally have one.

 creature stu-graham

This Creature Stu Graham only arrived in the post today, got it for the low price of £25 delivered.  It’s been set up but hardly ridden and is in great condition.  I’m not sure how it will fit into my board collection, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it will ride for park\street.  I’m off to Saffron Walden skatepark this afternoon for an hour, so we’ll see how it performs.

dunk sb-mids

I’ve also got a pair of Dunk Mids which at the moment I’m not sure I like.  They’re very comfortable, but the loss of boardfeel over my Blazers is massive.  Hopefully this will improve once they’ve been worn in a bit more, and I’ve been mashing the soles in an attempt to get them more flexible.  I’m not sure if my experience with the Girl Olson board was a result of the fact that I was skating in new shoes more than the fact that the board is a shape I don’t get on with.  I’m also going to get rid of the straps, as I feel too restricted when they’re strapped up, and I can’t handle them flapping about.

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Author: noileum

40 year young geek. Juggling being a dad/husband, trying to get out on my skateboard as much as possible, have as much fun as I can and generally be a 'good person' Thinking of a career change, to something with a bit more of a reward

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