hackintosh is up and running

Well the ASROCK ION 330 is now fully hackintoshed.  The only things not functioning at the moment are sound and sleep.


Sleep isn’t much of an issue as it’s going to be used in my cupboard as a iTunes library and be on constantly downloading (legal ) torrents.  Sound is also not really a concern at the moment, as I’m not going to be watching any movies or TV on it, as it’s sitting in my (work in progress) cupboard.

The top two shelves of the cupboard are now clear and ready for the Hackintosh to be installed, had a slight issue with my old Monitor being a bit too tall to fit on the shelf that it was intended for, but a quick change of plan has seen it move up to the top shelf.  This is only a short term solution as I’ll be hopefully getting a cheapo widescreen monitor as soon as I can find one on the cheap.   Once I’ve got that all sorted I can start on clearing out the crap from the bottom of the cupboard, which will give me room to have a bar stool or something similar.

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Author: noileum

40 year young geek. Juggling being a dad/husband, trying to get out on my skateboard as much as possible, have as much fun as I can and generally be a 'good person' Thinking of a career change, to something with a bit more of a reward

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