nerd cupboard reboot \ hackintosh – part 1

Well I’m now thinking about another Hackintosh project……….

Having built two netbook hackintoshs in the past (acer aspire one and advent 4211) and enjoyed doing so, I’m seriously contenplating building another, but a desktop version this time.  There’s a few reasons for this

  1. I like fucking about with technology\software
  2. I want to replace a laptop that I have at home (in a cupboard) with something running OSX.  This will mainly be to act as a media storage\torrenting\iphone synch box.
  3. I want to be able to remote onto a mac at home so that I can use some mac software while at work
  4. I can cascade it into the kids in a couple of years

Question is what do I go for?  Do I get a ‘nettop’ pc (like the EEE-Box, Aspire Revo or ASRock ION 330) or do I build a Hackintosh with some decent hardware, which would be quite a bit more expensive (I reckon I could get all the components for around £650 for an iMac comparable system).  Obviously I’d need a more space for this, but as the ‘nerd cupboard’ is in dire need of a makeover (lifehacker workspace show and tell here I come) I reckon I could easily hook up a monitor and a work space.  There’s a big difference in price though, and I could get a Nettop for around £350 inc monitor, which would save me over £300.

I like the idea of having a powerful hackintosh in the cupboard, and a 12 in netbook working in tandem (to be honest I would probably get rid of the macbook pro if I were to get a decent spec tower hackintosh in the cupboard), as this would give me the power needed for some video editing and photoshoping and something that didn’t have a retarded screen resolution for lounge based web surfing etc.  It would also get my 3 year old son off my £1300 mbp which I have a feeling is going to end up with food\drink all over it sooner or later. I’ve stated that I’ll not be getting another netbook in the past, however that was because I have no need for a netbook while on the move.  Having one at home is a different story.  It would need to be a 12 in screen one (so more sub notebook than netbook) and hackintoshible.

The way I see thinkg happening are to initially hackintosh a SFF PC\Nettop to have in the cupboard, and then move it into the lounge to replace the media player we have in there (once it dies in the not too distant future).  This will then allow me to remote onto it from outside home.  While this is being used I can start to grab the bits I need to build the power hackintosh on the cheap (eBay etc).nerd cupboard

Here’s what the cupboard looks like at the moment, as you can see it’s full of crap.  The top shelf has a small container with some random laptop\pc bits n bobs in, along with anything else I decide to throw up there.  2nd shelf has my printer, and in this pic my work laptop and external hard disk, along with some more random crap.  The bottom of the cupboard is officially where our small hoover lives, along with our little shredder.  Unofficially it’s where a ton of other junk lives.

Hopefully over the next week or so I’ll manage to clear out most of the crap, and then I’ll see what I’m left with.

Initial thoughts are that the top shelf will have a few boxes on it (software & camera\phone packaging etc), middle shelf will have monitor attached to the wall (eventually), printer and SFF nettop & keyboard\mouse.  The bottom of the cupboard will probably still have the shredder and hoover in, so long as I can get a stool\tall chair in with it.

I might need to change the height of the shelving, but I’d rather not unless I have to.  I might also paint the walls as the yellow colour that they are currently is bloody awful.


Author: noileum

40 year young geek. Juggling being a dad/husband, trying to get out on my skateboard as much as possible, have as much fun as I can and generally be a 'good person' Thinking of a career change, to something with a bit more of a reward

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