why do I want another bike?

Fuck knows really, as I don’t get out on the one I have anywhere near enough.  I think that’s possibly due to the fact that I only want to ride it off road, and on nice singletrack.  This usually means a drive of 15 mins or a 30 min cycle, and that is sometimes too much hassle of an evening (especially as it involves removing a couple of car seats, and all the junk in the boot of our car to get the bike in (without removing the wheels etc).

I would ideally like a cyclocross bike, or even a 29er with some skinny-ish tyres.  I reckon with one of these I’d be well up for popping out on the bike for 45 mins regularly, as this would be super easy to do, and I could pretty much do it as and when I wanted (as I would not need to faff about).  The other benefit would be the ability to have a tailgator or child seat attached as the full-sus is not compatible with either of these type of attachments.

There are only a couple of ways that this could realistically happen (get another bike that is) . . . . .

  1. Steal one (not really an option)
  2. Sell my current Commencal Super 4.2 (not really an option)
  3. Find a stupidly cheap bike (possibly a piece of shit) on fleabay or some such
  4. Brainwash the wife into thinking it’s her idea

Of these, the first two are not going to happen, and the last one is pretty unrealistic.  Which leaves the option of getting a super cheap bike on ebay or a classified and then pimping it up a bit myself.  To be honest I’m not bothered about what the thing looks like, as long as it’s reliable which works in my favor.  Also if I go SingleSpeed I’ll be saving some money, and it’ll be a mroe bit niche which I like

Thing is, if a new bike arrives at our house, even if it is a total piece of shit I’m going to have some explaining to do !


Author: noileum

40 year young geek. Juggling being a dad/husband, trying to get out on my skateboard as much as possible, have as much fun as I can and generally be a 'good person' Thinking of a career change, to something with a bit more of a reward

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